About Us

Hey Everyone,

A clean, well-mannered, and decorated home always feels safe and satisfying. However, With time our residence became old and messy. So it’s important to follow essential maintenance for a home. That’s why Tangy House publishes blogs and articles to share real-life home decoration tips and hacks for users.

Our innovation, repair, decor, and DIY solutions care for your modern home problems. We have a mission to prepare individuals’ homes as living paradises. 

Who we are?

TangyHouse.com is a reputed niche-based blog related to home decor. Here we provide tips, tricks, and how to guide and review the best room decoration products for our readers. We manage thousands of monthly users on our website. So it’s our responsibility to provide our readers with well-researched and fact-based articles. 

We have a great reputation in the industry. Our website publishes articles about interior, and exterior designs, painting, room decoration, energy-saving tips, and how-to guides. If you want to decorate your bathroom, basement, living room, or kitchen, navigate our articles to find the best solution.

What we do?

We provide blogs or articles related to home decor, repair, and DIY projects. We have a team of certified writers and developers who search for modern home problems. We focuses on reviving your home without changing the layouts. Our team researches, finds and provides the best home decor and improvement solutions. We follow only helpful solutions for our readers like

  • Budget-friendly decoration
  • Simple but effective DIY projects
  • Calm and relaxing interior/exterior designs
  • Hacks and tips for raising your home value
  • Improvements to make your house a perfect living

We categorize each home decor and repair project for you. So you can easily find your queries by navigating our homepage. 

Why trust us?

It is true that the Internet is packed with home decor and re-innovation blogs. But the fact is, most of them provide random articles for their readers. Everyone shared their own experiences in their blogs. So you hardly find information that is fact-based and related to your queries.

That’s why we launched TangyHouse to provide our readers with only well-researched and fact-based articles. We never compromises the quality of our content. Certified and experienced writers from our team write each article.

Additionally, we review each blog post before publishing it for our readers. We also update information from time to time in each blog. So you can expect only truthful and helpful information about home decor, improvement, and repair.

Affiliate Disclosure

 We add specific blog posts that include affiliate links. If you click or purchase from our list, we get some commission. We are not liable for third-party involvement when visiting the links.

Lastly, thank you for your continued support towards our blogs. We promise to give more related content that genuinely helps to improve your overall home decor.